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IEEE Standards Education- client

Award Winning! History of Standards Educational Videos - Elizabeth Mesa Annis

Susan Tatiner of the IEEE Standards Education Department approached me about a project that they had in mind to do. The object was to educate college engineering students from around the world about Standards, what it is, and how important it is in the field of electrical and electronic engineering. 

She described a series of three videos outlined with specific topics that needed to be covered.  We were also partnering with CNIS (the Chinese National Institute of Standards) and wanted to create two version of each of the videos in the series, an IEEE Standards Education version, and an IEEE/CNIS chinese version.

Based on the materials and resouces that we had to work with, my solution was to create three short documentary films using voice-over narration, and a combination of stills and video footage to tell the story. 


We have currently completed two in the video series.

I worked with Jennie Steinhagen and Susan Tatiner, who were in charge of the script.  Jennie helped research still images and materials for the films, and we contracted a professional voice over artist to do the narration. I selected still and video footage to create,  edit  and complete the entire first video.  The script was sent to China for translation and I applied the chinese translation subtitles to the IEEE/CNIS version.  

Following is the result.

Standards Education:
An Introduction, Part One 
(english version)

Standards Education:
An Introduction, Part One  (chinese version)

Standards Education:
Creating Global Standards ,Part Two
(english version)

Standards Education:
Creating Global Standards, Part Two
(chinese version)

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